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From design through to handover we can look after all aspects of your site maintenance and upgrades. Take a look at some of the many projects we’ve successfully completed below.

Narngulu CBH

In 2023 we completed our biggest ever construction program completing the mechanical scope at 4 seperate locations across the state. The largest was at Narngulu, close to Geraldton WA. 

The Ellett Contracting team installed:

  • Installation and commissioning of 2* new  Auger Pits and CLS systems

  • Design, fabrication and construction of an 8 meter high wind fence  

  • 5 x new open bulkheads (OBH) between 265 and 410m long


Shark Lake CBH

In 2022, we completed the mechanical and construction scope of the CBH Shark Lake throughput expansion project in Shark Lake, close to Esperance in WA. 


The Ellett Contracting team installed:

  • 2 * new 500TPS Conveyor Loading Systems

  • 2 x new Auger Pits

  • Extension of existing 36m Weighbridge

  • Installation of 157,000 tonnes of open storage

  • Dismantle and relocate existing T9 Sample Station

  • Supply, install and commission new T11 Sample Station

Emergency Storage Facilities

To help prepare for the expected bumper crop of the 22/23 harvest we extended our construction program, working right up to and alongside harvest operations. These emergency facilities were spread across 15 locations included

  • Installation of temporary weighbridge

  • Installation of 37 additional open bulkheads to increase temporary storage facilities

Moora CBH

During the 2020 construction program we upgraded the Moora grain receival stations facilities. 


The scope of work included


  • Removal of 4 existing open storage bulkheads (OBH)

  • Removal of existing conveyor loading system

  • Installation of new auger pit (Epit)

  • Installation of 1 x new 300m conveyor loading system

  • Installation of 1 x new 250m conveyor loading system

  • Installation of 132,000 tonnes of new open storage (OBH)

Salmon Gums CBH

In 2021 Ellett Contracting has taken on larger scale projects as head contractor, the largest of these at Salmon Gums 772km SE from Perth. The scope included


  • Construction and installation of new weighbridge hut

  • Refurbishment, relocation, installation and commissioning of a T9 sample hut 

  • Removal of weighbridge

  • Installation and commissioning of new 32m weighbridge

  • Roadworks including asphalting & line marking 

Broomehill CBH

At Broomehill, 302 kilometres south east of Perth, we worked with CBH to upgrade and increase their storage capacity.

We added:

  • New open bulkheads totalling 77,400 tonnes of storage

  • A new drive-over grid (V-pit)


The upgrades increased Broomehill’s total storage capacity from 235,650 to 313,050 tonnes.

Cranbrook CBH

Great efforts were achieved by our team on the Cranbrook project, 320km south of Perth.


We completed the mechanical scope for this site upgrade inclusive of:


  • 150,000 tonnes of new open storage (OBH)

  • 4x new E-pits

  • Removal of existing drive over pit

  • Installation of 3x new 215m conveyor loading systems

  • Refurbishments to 3x existing conveyor loading systems

Fabrication Program

In 2019 Ellett Contracting supplied and delivered:

  • 6x new type 11 sample stations and associated structural steel kits

  • 18 weighbridge huts and associated structural steel kits


These site-specific units were custom made to be delivered and installed to CBH Group as part of their network strategy. 

Since then Ellett Contracting have been engaged to produce an additional 44 transportable buildings for CBH between 2021-2023. 

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