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When it comes to construction in the agriculture sector, Ellett Contracting have the expertise and determination to make visions a reality. Want to know exactly what we do?

See below for the services we can provide for you in the Perth metropolitan and regional Western Australian locale.

Building Services

Require a new build, site upgrade or installation?

Ellett Contracting’s building services are the answer, with our:

  • New builds

  • Site upgrades

  • All aspects of civil construction

  • Specialist earth works

  • Structural and mechanical fabrication, installation and maintenance of:

    • Weighbridges

    • Weighbridge offices

    • Sample stations

    • Site specific offices

    • Camp facilities

    • Installation and maintenance of conveyor loading systems

    • Drive over pits (E-Pits/ Vpits)

    • Installation and dismantle of grain storage facilities (open bulkheads / grain bunkers)


Project Management Services

Have an agricultural, mining or construction project you need managing?

We can assist with:

  • Building approvals

  • Design and innovation

  • New builds

  • Site upgrades and maintenance

  • Structural and mechanical labour and supervision

  • Structural / mechanical fabrication, installation and maintenance  


Need contracting and project management services that will make your job easier?

Contact us today, to see what’s possible with your visions and our workmanship.

Grain Covering Services

In need of coverage for your operation?

We’re Perth and Western Australia’s Grain Covering specialists.

Grain Covering services (also known as Tarping Operations), consist of the installation and securing of industrial tarps on Open Bulkheads (OBH) or Grain Bunkers for the safe storage of grain.


Ellett Contracting mainly caters to the grain industry,  but can complete tarping operations for other products such as hay, sand, lime, minerals etc.


Grain Covering operations take place throughout harvest and as required by the client.  

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